20 Questions: Servicing Technicians

As part of our Servicing Division focus, this week we’ve been chatting to the Total Protection (UK) technicians to discover who they are and why they work so well as a team.

So sit back, relax and meet Shane Beal, Nick Dawson and Logan Chambers as they answer 20 Questions.

1. What does a typical day involve?

Shane – We get into the office around 8 o’clock and usually make a coffee and turn the radio on. There’s nothing better than a bit of music to start the day.
Logan – Then we grab a Checking In sheet and check the Service In station (equipment waiting to be serviced), find the relevant equipment and get to work. We break for lunch anytime between 12 and 1 and then the afternoon is much the same.
Nick – If we’re going off site for the day to do an On-site job we normally know about it before hand and know to plan our day around that. More often than not it will be just one or two of us who are going off site at any one time, so if we know we’re leaving one guy by themselves during the day or the next, we try to get as much work done before we leave.

2. What’s the hardest piece of equipment to service?

N – I wouldn’t say anything is hard because we’ve all been manufacturer trained. But the most complicated & time consuming is probably a Fall Arrest Block which usually takes us about 45 minutes.

3. Who’s in control of the music?

S – All of us. Well we put the oldies on for Nick otherwise he complains. But when he’s not around we both take it in turns.

4. As part of the workshop “makeover,” you recently layed the new flooring – who was best at laying the new floor?

S – Nick.
L – Nick.
N – Thanks boys.

5. How do you relax outside of work?

N – It’s got to be the pub for me.
S – I like to play Skittles and football.
L – I go wherever the wind takes me…

6. Any phobias?

L – No I don’t think so. Lions maybe – actually, I think we’d just cuddle it!

7. You get three dinner guests, who would they be?

S – Paul Gascoigne – he’s a legend.
L – Steve-o from Jackass, it may get messy though.
N – Kelly Brooke – I cannot say why.

8. Signature dish?

L – Hmm Pasta, although it’s different every time I make it!
S – Mince & Mash.
N – Lamb Roast, potatoes and a selection of seasonable vegetables.

9. Ideal holiday destination?

S – I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica.
N – Croatia. I went earlier this year and it has to be the nicest country I’ve travelled to.
L – Bali – I’ve always liked the sound of it, but I don’t know what it looks like.

10. Favourite animal?

L – Err Meerkat. They’re good aren’t they?
N – Probably a Duck Billed Platypus.
S – Definitely a Chipmunk, I used to have one as a kid called Flash.

11. Ideal day off – what does it involve?

S – Sleeping in and shopping for clothes.
L – Lay in, wash my car, nice lunch… I don’t know after that.
N – Pub.

12. Best piece of advice?

N – Live Long and Prosper – Spock (Star trek).
S – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – Deryck Wicks.
L – Don’t eat cheese before bed – Logan’s Mum.

13. What Superpower and why?

S – Probably Invisibility because it would be brilliant to go around scaring people.
N – I’ll go with Invisibility also.
L – X-ray vision. So I can see what I’ve got for lunch without looking in my bag.

14. Pub or Club?

L – Club.
N – Pub.
S – Club.

15. Alcoholic beverage of choice?

N – Wine.
L – Cider.
S – I don’t care.

16. All-time favourite movie

L – Forrest Gump. It’s not my favourite but I do like it.
S – Ooh good question, Kevin and Perry Go Large is up there.
N – I’ve seen too many good ones over the years to pick just the one.

17. Sports team?

S – Leeds United.
N – Northampton Saints.
L – Not Applicable.

18. Most likely to become famous and why?

N & L – probably Shane for his modelling career (laughter).
S – Yeah but Logan you are the face of Total Protection (UK) mate!

19. Best joke teller?

N – Shane is a quick thinker.
L – Yeah Shane probably.
Got any examples?
S – None that you can write on our website!

20. Worst dressed?

S – Logan.
L – Shane.
N – ME!

So there you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little bit more about our wonderful technicians. If you have any questions for them that you’d like answering, please feel free to ask away in our comments section below.

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