7 things you need to know about the Flite COV

7 things you need to know about the Flite COV image

Here at TP(UK) we have access to loads of products and solutions that quite frankly our customers don’t know about. One such product is the newly released Flite COV. Launched late last year by manufacturer Scott Safety, the “COV” has many features which could prove beneficial for you and your workforce.

1) First things first, what is it?

The Flite COV is a positive pressure supplied air respirator – but also has emergency protection and escape capability. Vitally the COV is suitable for multiple applications, meaning you’re not restricted to one aspect of use.

2) Enter hazardous atmospheres

FLITE COV allows user to enter hazardous atmospheres – including those identified as immediately dangerous to life or death

3) How about some features?

The Flite COV is made up of; flame retardant polyester harness with stainless steel buckles, combined cylinder and pressure reducing valve assembly and a rugged mask-mounted demand valve with automatic first breath activation.

Compressed air steel cylinders are provided in 10 and 15 minute durations. A 10-minute superlight carbon composite version is also offered:

• 10-minute 200 bar alloy steel; 400 litre free air capacity, empty weight 3.5 kg
• 15-minute 200 bar alloy steel; 600 litre free air capacity, empty weight 5.6 kg
• 10-minute 300 bar superlight carbon fibre; 540 litre free air capacity, empty weight 2.3 kg

4) Versatility

Scott Safety’s Flite COV can be used for many applications. The COV is suitable for use in confined space, hazardous materials handling and general maintenance tasks. Providing versatility across multiple environments, the Flite COV saves you from the hassle of purchasing various pieces of equipment, allowing you to get straight to work without hesitation.

5) More versatility

With the Flite COV restricted use really isn’t an issue. Suitable for a wide variety of industries, the COV can provide protection in chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas and public utilities trades.

COV can be also be integrated with a series of other Scott products, including:

• Airline – in multiple lengths
• The Modulair Airline Trolley
• Facemasks

6) Emergency Protection

Importantly, COV provides emergency switchover in the event of interruption of air flow from the primary supply source. Switchover to emergency cylinder air supply is immediately activated by automatic change over valve to facilitate safe egress. A warning whistle is sounded immediately to inform the user that the switch has been made to cylinder air

7) Time proven technology

Utilising the already globally proven Responsive Dynamic Performance, the Flite COV features the Scott Tempest Demand Valve with low inspiratory resistance, automatic first breath activation and responsive dynamic performance.

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