7 things you need to know about the Radius BZ1

Welcome to our first post in the 7 Series blog. Throughout February, we will be highlighting four different aspects of Total Protection (UK), including some products, Training and also our Service Division.

Discover the Radius BZ1.

Radius BZ1 in the field image

Deploy whenever and wherever

Whether you’re setting up a perimeter, monitoring leaks or confined spaces, the Radius BZ1 allows for flexible deployment at anytime or any place – to create buffers between works and gas hazards. With a run time of seven days, the Radius BZ1 has a typical battery life of 168 hours, allowing you to deploy your area monitor for both short-term and long-term use. An external power supply can also be used to extend the run time to over a month.

360-degree gas path

The 360-degree path ensures complete monitoring of the area you wish to cover. Continuously taking measurements of the surrounding area, the Radius BZ1 accurately detects gases regardless of environmental conditions.

You won’t miss it!

There’s no point having equipment that doesn’t clearly indicate when it goes into alarm. With the Radius BZ1, you can always see the status of the environment. Audible alarms sound at 108dB at one metre, cutting through any high noise environment to make workers aware of the situation. The ultra-bright blue and red lights distinguish between safe and non-safe events.

Clear visibility

With a display screen three times bigger than any competitor, you can now see what hazards are present without the need to get too close to the monitor.

Radius BZ1 screen image

LENS Wireless

LENS Wireless allows the user to access more information than ever before. With automatic, peer-to-peer mesh network you can create wireless networks straight from the box. Using just one Radius BZ1, you can receive real-time gas readings from any other instrument on the network. This allows you to be aware of all gas readings on the circuit at any time.
With a massive 300 metre communication range between two units, you can cover a vast area, with up to 25 monitors connected at anyone time.

Downtime reduced

With the new technology installed in the Radius BZ1, your monitor will now spend more time out in the field than on the shelves being serviced. A unique modular design, coupled with a DSX Docking Station and patented DualSense Technology ensure your monitor now stays active in the field for a much greater duration.

DSX Docking Station SafeCore image

DSX Docking Station – automatically bump, calibrate, manage settings and update software for the removeable, patent-pending SafeCore Modules.

DualSense Technology – thanks to the redundant sensors utilised in the DualSense Technology, you have confidence that gas readings are accurate and workers are safe, even when instruments are deployed for an extended period without maintenance.

Use it anywhere, anytime

The Radius BZ1 offers unbelievable flexibility for its user. Depending on the hazards you wish to detect, the BZ1 can be placed in temporary or long-term configurations. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the areas you can deploy your Area Monitor:

Confined Space: utilise the pumped SafeCore Module and tubing to draw air samples to the monitor.

Perimeter Monitoring: Deploy your monitor around the perimeter of any hazardous areas to continuously monitor for gas leaks.

Fence Line Monitor: Create a barrier between a safe zone and hazardous work area. Use the hopping capability of LENS Wireless to know what is happening up to 1.5km away.

Oh, here’s a video as well.


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