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A Closer look… At the Scott Elsa Escape Breathing Apparatus

Scott Elsa Escape Breathing Apparatus

Throughout August you can purchase the Scott Elsa Escape Breathing Apparatus for as little as £206!

The hooded counterpart to the Scott Sprint, the Scott Elsa Escape Breathing Apparatus is perfect for users where facial hair or glasses prevents the use of a facemask. Providing constant supply of air for escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments, the Scott Elsa ensures maximum protection in escape situations.

Your Breathing Apparatus is usually used in companion with a gas monitor. The Scott Elsa Escape Breathing Apparatus is deployed when your gas monitor goes into alarm.

Utilising a simple deployment technique, the escape set is activated when the bag is opened and the pin is released. The air flow is immediately activated once the pin is released. The Sprint is carried in a bag which can be worn across the chest or as a bandolier (or on an optional waist belt). The mask also has an exhale valve for increased performance.

The Scott Elsa is simple and quick to operate, reliable and robust in use.

The High Visibility Hood is manufactured from polyurethane coated viscose. Whilst the stretch material used allows for a more comfortable fit. In addition, the elastomeric neck seal enables ease of donning over glasses, beards and longer hair.

Throughout August, the Scott Sprint 10 minute and 15 minute escape sets are available for as little as £206.

Finally, this offer is one of 12 massive deals we’ve got this August to celebrate our 12th Birthday.

Take a look at this offer.

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