Our Mission

At Total Protection, “Our Mission” is to help companies and individuals make the correct decision when it comes to their health and safety requirements. Located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, our team are dedicated to ensuring that you purchase the correct equipment, because after all, it may be a decision you only get wrong once.

Every company’s number one priority should be to ensure the safety of their employees, no matter what job they are undertaking.

Safety allows for comfort and confidence in every aspect of our lives and sometimes to ensure this, it may be as simple as putting on a hard hat. However, in other cases, ensuring safety could involve having the correct gas detector, a harness, lanyards, tripods etc. The list can seem endless and can often be daunting for companies and individuals, but at Total Protection we aim to provide the correct information, along with the knowledge and understanding to guide our customers to put in place the correct safety provisions.

The implications of it going wrong are unbearable to imagine. Unfortunately, we see incidents of inadequate safety equipment regularly in the news. Thankfully H.S.E. regulations are ensuring that these incidents are becoming less of an occurrence. People now have a better understanding of health and safety than they did, even 10 years ago. But it’s good to know that there is someone you can rely on at the end of the phone, who will put the interests of your employees before anything else and advise you on the correct safety solutions for your company.

In some cases, within the industry, risks are unavoidable. But at Total Protection we can help you to put the correct provisions in place to reduce the risk level to as low as possible, allowing your company to work with the assurance that every measure has been put in place and you have met every protocol to allow your company to be as safe an environment as possible.

Our mission is to help everyone we work with, whether it is one-man or multi-national companies, to understand safety. Being aware of the dangers of your working environment is only the first step to ensuring safety. Knowing how to monitor and react to the dangers in place, as well as knowing the effects of not doing so, is imperative to understanding safety.

We want to make sure our customers can return home in the same condition as they left, whilst having the confidence to return to work, knowing their welfare is being correctly taken care of.