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Auto Bump and Calibration Station Product Focus of the Month

We introduce you to the Auto Bump and Calibration Station!

Auto Bump and Calibration Station

Auto Bump & Calibration Station

The Auto Bump and Calibration Station (ABC) is a state-of-the-art bump and calibration station, developed and manufactured by GMI Ltd.

Available for both the PS200 and the PS500, the ABC Station allows you to undertake both bump tests and calibration tests on your GMI gas monitor. The multifunctional Auto Bump and Calibration Station provides simple but intelligent testing and calibration of the GMI portable gas detectors. Easy to use, with a durable, user friendly design, this automated test station offers high performance from a PC or stand-alone unit.

The Auto Bump and Calibration Station has…

  • Simple user interface
  • Full bump, calibration and charging options
  • Bump/calibration results storage
  • Robust construction
  • Bump Test in 60 seconds
  • Calibration Test in 90 seconds

Standalone, PC or Ethernet options


Data can be easily retrieved using specific software in a user friendly time logged format. This gives you the ability to create and print your personalised calibration certificate.


Allows easy configuration (bump test or calibration) of Auto Bump & Calibration Station and allows all results to be automatically stored to a database on the PC.


Same as PC except multiple units can be connected to a network allowing one PC to control and receive data.

Auto Bump and Calibration Station data

Download to Memory Sticks

With the ABC Station you can download all data readings to a memory stick, allowing you to transfer the results of the bump and calibration tests to any compatible PC or Laptop. The new configuration files are already on the memory stick so there is no need to pre install. A memory stick is provided as standard. GMI Memory stick


The ABC Station also comes with an exhaust which pushes gas out of the station to help reduce the smell of gas that comes with any calibration station. The key advantage of this station is that you can attach it to an external extractor fan, to further reduce the smell of gas in the room your ABC Station will be based in.

What do you get when you buy this station?

Together with your station, you will receive a CD with User Instructions to introduce you to the device, as well as a simple Quick Operation Guide which you can carry with you at all times.

For more on the ABC Station, please take a look at our product page.

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If you require any more information on the Auto Bump and Calibration Station please email:, call: 0344 567 7423 or use the orange contact us form on the left hand side of this page.

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