Why we love the Duraflow PAPR

WOW. Manufacturers seem to be releasing new products left, right and centre at the moment. It’s hard to keep on top of which are the best products and which ones don’t quite reach the mark.

We recently announced the launch of the Duraflow PAPR powered air respirator, by Scott Safety. BUT instead of retyping all the features of the monitor and how you can use, we’d like to tell you why we love it!

First of all – You look AWESOME wearing it!

Let’s face it, we all like to look good. Whether you’re at work, on a night out or just popping to the shops. Trust me, we’re no different!

We like to think Safety Equipment is a little like a pair of shoes. You go into the shop knowing that you need shoes that will be comfortable, effective and will protect your feet. But importantly, you also want them to look good when you wear them. The Duraflow PAPR is exactly that (except you don’t put it on your feet).
When designing the Duraflow PAPR, Scott Safety took into consideration not just the effectiveness of their product, but also the design. As a consequence of this, when you don the Duraflow, You. Look. Awesome.

Secondly – It doesn’t get in the way.

The Duraflow PAPR incorporates a sleek and ergonomic design, which is unobtrusive to the user. Due to only being 600g* in weight, there are fewer “snag” hazards for you to get caught on, whilst the compact design basically allows full freedom of movement.

To add to this, the lightweight and ergonomic design allows for the Duraflow to sit on the lower back – meaning you won’t put your back out whilst wearing it.

Thirdly – Your Status, at your Finger Tips.

A brilliant feature of the Duraflow PAPR is that it’s been designed to make your life as easy as possible. To avoid having to worry about whether your equipment is working or if your battery is about to die, the Duraflow PAPR incorporates a simple control panel. Using an automatic monitoring system, you will immediately be alerted to any Power, Battery and any Unit issues.

And finally – You can easily tailor it to your needs.

One of the things we love the most about the Duraflow is just how easy it is to tailor it to your application. Scott supply five Ready-Pak’s, each with a different combination of Head Top and Filters (plus the unit, hose, belt and charger). Each Ready-Pak comes with a unique product code, meaning you don’t have to worry about tracking down each specific code – saving you time which could be spent on other jobs.

When the Ready-Pak is delivered it comes boxed all together so you don’t have to worry about endless amounts of boxes, which you’ll ultimately have to throw away anyway – or recycle.

That’s why we love it, now tell us what you think in the comment box below.

Want to know more about the Duraflow? Check out the product video by clicking here.

*excluding battery and filters.

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