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A Closer Look… BW H2S Clip 2-year Single Gas Detector. Only £79

BW H2S Clip

Throughout August 2016 we’re offering our customers the chance to save £45 on the BW H2S Clip.

This is one of 12 massive Birthday Deals available this month.

The H2S Clip is your everyday, safety companion. Detecting only Hydrogen Sulphide, the H2S Clip utilises an easy one button operation. This enables customers to use the monitor, without the need for extensive training.

Your monitor will run uninterrupted for an entire two years from the moment you switch it on. Therefore you don’t have to worry about any sensor changes or battery charging/changes for the entire life of the monitor. As a result, after the monitor reaches the end of its life, you simply throw it away.

The BW Clip has automatic logging of the 35 most recent gas events and bump tests, which you can download onto your computer to analyse.

Industries that use the H2S clip

  • Waste Management
  • Biomass Plants
  • Water Industries
  • Food Products
  • Marine Applications
  • Farming

The alarm is Visual, Vibrating and Audible.

Rotting Organic Matter produces Hydrogen Sulphide. When it comes to Gas Detection, Hydrogen Sulphide is measured in Parts Per Million (PPM).

The BW H2S Clip measures the levels of Hydrogen Sulphide in the air. The monitor has two alarm levels. The first alarm will sound when a consistency of 10ppm is measured in the air. This alarms acts as a warning that the atmosphere is becoming hazardous and you should begin to leave the area. The second alarm sounds when there is 15ppm or more in the atmosphere. At this point, if you haven’t already begun to leave the area, then you MUST do so.

Take a look at this offer.

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