What is the RGA4 Fall Arrest and Rescue Block?

Should you be using the RGA4? Can it aid the work you are currently undertaking? What equipment should you be using alongside it? These are just some of the questions we will be answering in today’s blog.

What is the RGA4?


The RGA4 is a three-way retrieval block designed and manufactured by Ridgegear. In a nutshell, this piece of equipment prevents you from falling, if an incident was to occur. The outstanding feature of this Fall Arrest and Rescue Block is that it can both raise casualties to a safe area or lower them safely to the ground. Having this option available is vital, if you are working in an environment where the area below is unsuitable.

The block is fitted with an up/down winch mechanism and has standard fall arrest capabilities.

Who is it manufactured by?


The RGA4 is manufactured by Ridgegear, under the umbrella of the Unitex Group. Ridgegear were established in 1998 with the objective of preventing fatal injuries from falls at height. As a company they are supported by Marling Leek, who are a European leader in narrow fabric production.

What other equipment should it be used with?

Ordinarily, the RGA4 Fall Arrest Block is used alongside the RGR1 Tripod, and a Ridgegear Harness. A suitable harness in this instance would be the RGH5 or the new bespoke RGH5 Glow. Depending on your application, it can also be used in conjunction with a man-riding winch unit.

When to use it?

A potential scenario where you would only need to use the block by itself would be when entering a confined space which is equipped with a ladder to use as access. In this case, assuming the ladder is safe to use, you can gain entry into the confined space using the ladder and have the RGA4 attached to your harness in case a fall occurs.

A potential scenario where you would use the Fall Arrest and Rescue Block together with a man-riding winch would be if the entry to the confined space didn’t have a ladder or another way of entry. The man-riding winch would be used to lower the worker into the confined space and the RGA4 block would be used for rescue in the case of an incident occurring.

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