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What you need to know about the Oxy Pro Self Rescuer.

Honeywell Oxy Pro Self Rescuer image

Used for emergency escape in high risk environments, the Oxy Pro Self-Rescuer is manufactured by Honeywell.

Comfort is key when it comes to the Oxy Pro Self Rescuer. Compact and lightweight, this Self-Rescuer offers its users total freedom of movement – which could be vital when escaping a hazardous environment. It also has an adjustable neck strap to suit all users and it is worn around the waist to ensure it doesn’t obstruct its user.

What happens when the Oxy Pro Self Rescuer is deployed?

The Oxy Pro Self Rescuer is normally used in conjunction with a gas monitor. When the gas monitor goes into alarm, the Oxy Pro should be deployed.

The Oxy Pro recycles air when in use. A starter of compressed oxygen cylinder is activated allowing a flow of oxygen into the breathing bag, which in turn limits the risk of inhaling toxic gases. Once deployed, the case stays attached to the belt, allowing the user to keep the respiratory bag. A nose clip is also supplied to prevent the inhalation of toxic gases, when wearing the BA kit.

The Case

The case opening system is designed for a quick and simple use of apparatus. Highly durable stainless steel, vacuumed case – prevents moisture, air and dust, which could all seriously harm the equipment. The Oxy Pro Self Rescuer is also supplied with a gauge on the equipment which allows users to check the equipment is in safe working condition.

This equipment comes with a 10-year life expectancy and minimum maintenance.

Key industries used for:

Water Treatment Plants and Confined Space.

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