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Introducing you to the RGH5 Glow Harness

RGH5 Glow Harness

Ridgegear have now launched their new RGH5 Glow Harness.

The RGH5 Glow Harness is an original Confined Space Access Harness which incorporates a new reflective yarn which has been woven into the webbing.

Launched today, the RGH5 Glow Harness is the first of its kind and provides unprecedented levels of visibility in low light areas.

The upgrade from the RGH5, this harness improves the visibility of both the user and other workers due to the reflective nature of the webbing, which in turn allows for a safer working environment – particularly in dark confined spaces. Visibility is often a concern workers face every time they enter a Confined Space because of the lack of light these areas are exposed to, but with the RGH5 Glow Harness this concern is reduced, allowing for a safer and more comfortable working environment.

As the upgrade to the RGH5, the RGH5 Glow includes all of the standard features of its predecessor:

Rescue attachment point with Velcro Tab
Front and Rear Fall Arrest attachment points
Fall Indicators
Side adjustable buckles (Quick release buckles also available)
Fully adjustable

This harness is compatible for use alongside the other Ridgegear Confined Space Entry products. Including the RGR1 Tripod and the RGA4 Fall Arrest Block.

To view the RGH5 Glow Harness product page, please click here.

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