Meet the Manufacturer: Tractel UK Limited.

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With so many manufacturers of Health and Safety equipment it becomes difficult to know who’s who and what they do. To give you a greater idea of who our manufacturers are, we’ll be bringing you a series of blogs highlighting and detailing the history behind our manufacturers and why they do what they do.
So without further ado, meet Tractel UK Limited.

Tractel have a long history within the Health and Safety industry and throughout this time, innovation has been at the forefront of their development. Born in 1941, Tractel’s initial success came with the TIRFOR hoist, the original manual lift-pull machine. The TIRFOR hoist is a pully and lifting machine that operates with a wire rope passing through the machine – just like a user would with their hands. At the time, the TIRFOR was revolutionary as it allowed for the movement of various types of load, far easier than ever before.



As the Health and Safety Industry was developing, so were Tractel. In 1975, Tractel introduced a new generation of motorised hoist called the TIRAK. Although they only ventured into height safety equipment in 1990, in this short period of time they have already made huge strides forward in regards to the design and implentation of their equipment.

Nowadays Tractel’s range covers everything from Tripods to Fall Arresters and they are regularly releasing new products such as the HT120 Harness and the Travflex 2 Lifeline. It is this theme of innovation that has played a big part in the journey Tractel has made since 1941.

Tractel’s presence in the Health and Safety industry isn’t just limited to the UK. In fact, they have a global presence, with offices in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australasia and Asia.


Total Protection (UK) and Tractel

Together with Tractel we can offer a collection of products in their portfolio which form the four major categories in which they define their equipment by. These are as follows: Height Safety, Temporary & Permanent Access, Lifting & Handling and finally, Load Measurement and Control. We have also received full training from Tractel to allow us to become not only a provider, but a Service Centre for their product range as well.

So to conclude – Tractel are pretty good! Their global presence, combined with the equipment they manufacture and provide, put Total Protection (UK) in an excellent position to continue to provide the first class service you know and recognise.

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