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Oldham MX32 controller

3M|Oldham MX32 Controller

3M Gas & Flame Detection introduces the new MX 32, a controller that takes analog & digital inputs and covers all needs for a wide variety of applications.

Oldham MX52 Controller

3M|Oldham MX52 Controller

The MX 52 control unit allows various detectors to be connected and monitored. Any gas detector from 3M or any other 4-20 mA device can be monitored and controlled.

Oldham MX62 Controller

3M|Oldham MX62 Controller

The MX 62 provides a back up system,to ensure an accurate analysis from the sensors to meet more and more specific requirements. The MX62 system already meets the requirements of ATEX 100 A and offers the high level of security required by the SIL 3 (EN 50402).

OLCT10 Sensor Head

3M|Oldham OLCT 10 – OLC 10 Sensor Head

Designed for use in boiler rooms and parking garages, the OLCT 10 and OLC 10 monitors give you the most cost-effective solution for the continuous monitoring of toxic (OLCT 10) or flammable gases (OLCT 10, OLC 10) and vapors in ambient air

OLCT 100 XP IR Sensor Head

3M|Oldham OLCT 100 – OLC 100 Toxic and Combustible Gas Detector

Designed for the detection of explosive gases, toxic gases or oxygen, this combustible gas detector comes with a Wheatstone bridge output (OLC 100) or 4-20mA output (OLCT 100). Whatever your application 3M Gas & Flame Detection offers a solution: catalytic, electrochemical, semiconductor, or poison control version

olct10n sensor head

3M|Oldham OLCT 10N Combustible Gas Detector

The OLCT 10N is a digital combustible gas detector designed for to detect combustible, toxic gases or oxygen. Intended for use in combination with the MX 43 controller, the OLCT 10N provides a fast and accurate response.

3M Oldham olct 20d Sensor Head

3M|Oldham OLCT 20 – OLC 20 Sensor Head

The OLC(T) 20 Series of gas detectors are designed for indoor or outdoor facility monitoring and other applications to accommodate your gas detection requirements at a reasonable price.

3M Oldham OLCT60 Sensor Head

3M|Oldham OLCT 60 Sensor Head

The OLCT 60AD version allows the sensor to be installed remotely up to 15 meters (standard), allowing detection in inaccessible locations, or in Zone 0 in the case of the intrinsically safe (IS) version. The detector units are made of 316L stainless steel, and are rugged and resistant to corrosion.

olct80 wireless sensor head

3M|Oldham OLCT 80/OLCT 80 Wireless Sensor Head

3M Gas & Flame Detection is pleased to introduce its wireless system with the OLCT 80 field detector/transmitter. This new model allows wireless connectivity in ATEX 1 zones.

3M Oldham Sensor Head

3M|Oldham Oxygen Detector CTX 300

When hazardous levels of toxic gases or oxygen threaten the safety of an unclassified area, the CTX 300 oxygen detector can satisfy the most demanding safety requirements.

Oldham Surveyor 4B Controller

3M|Oldham Surveyor 4B Controller

3M Gas & Flame has designed the SURVEYOR 4B as a monitoring apparatus specifically designed to ensure the safety of boiler plants, battery charging rooms or small units where your operations are at risk due to the possibility of flammable gas leaks.

Spyglass Open Path Sensor Head

3M|Scott Spyglass Open Path Combustible Gas Detector

The Spyglass system detects hydrocarbon gases by analyzing the absorption of radiation caused by gases in the atmosphere and comparing it to background atmospheric absorption. This is accomplished between a pair of units: a Flash Source and a Detector that can monitor a distance of up to 200 meters.