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Abtech 16mm Nylon Rope

Abtech ABR 16mm Rope

£30.39£97.56 (ex VAT)

Complete with nylon eye each end. Available in 5, 10, 15 & 20 meters. Please contact for other lengths.

Abtech CRP70 Rope Bag

Abtech CRP70 Canvas Rope Protector

£28.85 (ex VAT)

This rope protector forms a tube through which the rope can pass. Velcro patches make the protector adjustable in size. The unit can be anchored in position over an edge or can be anchored to the rope itself to protect a particular part of the rope. Length: 45cm.

Abtech Rope Edge Roller

Abtech Edge Roller

£64.62 (ex VAT)

To help protect a moving rope from abrasion. Modules are connected with quick links: the number of modules can be varied according to the terrain. Each module can be positioned independently to adapt to the terrain Sold as a kit: 4 modules + 6 quick links. Weight: 1055 g81.04

Abtech Rope Edge Protector

Abtech EP PLUS – Edge Protector

£64.62 (ex VAT)

This edge protector is manufactured from a canvas resistant to wear. The rope is protected from any abrasion from an edge by locating the edge protector between the rope and the edge. The Edge Protector Plus has polyurethane stiffeners sewn into the canvas.

Abtech 11mm Kernmantle Rope

Abtech Kernmantle Rope 11mm Static

£1.92£369.23 (ex VAT)

Type A kermantle rope. 200 meters maximum length (other lengths available on application) Colour: Red (other colours available on application).