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Blackline Safety G7 Sensor Cartridges

Blackline Safety Field-Replaceable Gas Sensor Cartridges

Blackline’s G7 offers an exclusive modular design with field-replaceable gas sensor cartridges and delivers industry-leading customization to accommodate nearly every

Blackline Safety G7 Dock

Blackline Safety G7 Bump Test and Calibration Dock

For situations where multiple G7s require calibration or bump testing simultaneously, up to five G7 Docks can be joined together to perform test functions across all connected devices. Multiple docks can be connected to a single gas cylinder. One gas cylinder is able to support five docks at one time.

G7 Docks in a multi dock set-up act independently of each other — docks connected to the same gas cylinder can perform bump tests and calibrations at the same time without interfering with each other.


Blackline Safety G7c Wireless Gas Detector

Meet G7c — the world’s first 3G-connected gas detector with integrated lone worker monitoring and evacuation management tools. In the event of an emergency, G7c wirelessly connects your team members with live monitoring personnel to mobilize and manage the fastest possible emergency responses.