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Product Focus: Ikar GB

If a tower crane operator is taken ill or injured in his cab, his life may depend on a speedy rescue. Generally, it will be up to the contractor to ensure a rescue can be conducted safely. An incapacitated operator must be hoisted over the side in an operation that is both fast and safe. The differences in tower crane type and configuration, make it the contractor’s responsibility to provide the equipment to save the operator’s life.

Because having specific rescue devices and trained teams is necessary, and public rescue services don’t always have them, contractors must take responsibility for ensuring the necessary equipment and trained staff is on hand to drastically reduce the time it takes to rescue the operator.

Ikar Range of Safety Products

The Ikar range of safety products offers customers the highest quality which is produced with the utmost care using state-of-the-art technologies and production processes, with the most advanced scientific insights.

The Ikar Tower Crane Device comprises; 2 persons controlled descent device, 10.5m kernmantle rope with double actions hooks, 1m anchorage sling, Screwgate karabiner, remote reach rescue pole, rescue triangle harness, kit available from 10m to 150m, does not require re-roping for 6 years, most competitors are 5.

The IKAR unit deploys a unique ratchet system which is easier than many of their rivals meaning easier to use and it uses less rope so cost of ownership and upkeep is less.

Contact us now to arrange a free site survery and demonstration on our Ikar Tower Crane Rescue Kit.

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