Light Decontamination System

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Introducing the Light Decontamination System. This is a new portable airborne and surface decontamination solution, brought to you from Scott Safety. 17 times more effective than other decontamination systems the Light Decontamination System uses atomisation technology to decontaminate line and none-line of sight surfaces.


The new portable airborne and surface decontamination solution by Scott Safety.

“Setting the trend in decontamination.”

The Light Decontamination System (LDS) is the new portable airborne and surface decontamination solution by Scott Safety. Powered by air and incorporating the makings of a jet engine, the LDS is THE solution for all your decontamination needs. The combination of chemicals and air is the most effective way of decontaminating any area. Due to the 300 bar cylinder, the LDS can reach distances up to 30ft – meaning you don’t even need to get close to the hazard to decontaminate it. Providing full flexibility, you can put any decontaminate into the LDS. Whether you’re working on Poultry farms or Airports or Hospitals – you need the Light Decontaminating System.

How it works?

The technology used rapidly fills a space, and the turbulence of the gas-like vapour keeps the droplets suspended in the air and ensures consistent and even coverage. In addition, the mist can be easily directed and controlled. Its capability provides simultaneous and consistent surface and airborne disinfection against Chemical, Biological and Radiological threats and Hazards.

The Light Decontamination System is a highly mobile and robust back pack designed for maximum operational flexibility.

Designed to allow emergency personnel to work effectively in both confined and remote environments. The LDS incorporates Scott Safety atomisation technology, creating a superfine mist to ensure even and consistent coverage. Rapidly projecting these droplets in the form of a dense and turbulent mist, the Light Decontamination System is capable of delivering CBRN decontaminants to all non-line of sight surfaces.

Another key aspect of the Light Decontamination System is that there is no damage to sensitive and electronic equipment, meaning you don’t have to waste time protecting the equipment before you begin decontamination.

All of these aspects drastically reduce the time required for effective decontamination. Unlike other decontamination methods, you can save TIME and gain MONEY, due to the reduced downtime achieved through using the LDS.

This combination affords minimisation of the decontaminant mass per unit of application whilst maintaining an efficient surface and airborne decontamination capability.


Chemical and Biological Decontamination

– The system is chemically agnostic and can use a diverse range of decontaminants. Including delivery of Alkoxides (0.1 - 5 %), Hydrogren Peroxide (0.1 - 30 %) , Hypochlorous Acid (0.1-1%), Peracetic acid (0.1 - 8 %), Peroyxgen acid esters (1 - 5 %), Chlorine Dioxide (0.1 - 1 %) Sodium hypochlorite (0.1 - 20 %), Potassium Peroxymonosulfate “Oxone” (0.1 - 1 %)

Radiological & Nuclear Decontamination

– Including delivery of trippable coatings (e.g. PVA-PVP with “Chelatingagents” ), Fixatives [e.g. Sulphated Butyl esters or vinyl acetates), and other sequestering liquids (e.g. EPTA or DTPA).

Fire Fighting

– Water payload enables the system to be utilised for Class A&B Fire Fighting applications.


– At only 22 kg, Light Decontamination System is the lightest portable decontamination system in its class. Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient: Typically requires only 5% of decontaminant compared to traditional systems due to the gas-like behaviour of the small droplet mist; air freshening will require even less disinfection agent.


– Utilising 300 Bar (4500 PSI) technology, LDS offers longer “on station” duration per unit weight equivalence, giving operatives complete confidence in meeting all mission requirements.
RAPID CONNECT CYLINDER BAND – Allows adjustment or change out of cylinder in seconds.


– The LDS can be used with a wide range of RPE facemasks. Including First Responder Respirator (FRR), General Service Respirator Evolution Specialist (GSReS) and Vision CBRN ranges.

Additional Information
  • Proven total surface contact, even for non-line-of-sight areas
  • Designed for tough environments
  • 4 litre capacity of the active fluid
  • Powered by standard 6 litre 300 bar air cylinder
  • Gas and fluid can be refilled in position
  • Less than 22kg total weight (full)
  • 2 minute run time
  • Projection distance of up to 30 metres
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemistries
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