MSA S-Cap Air – Constant Flow Escape Set

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MSA S-Cap Air – Constant Flow Escape Set

The MSA S-Cap Air is the Short Duration Compressed Air Emergency Escape Breathing Device [EEBD] from MSA, providing respiratory protection in toxic and oxygen deficient atmospheres. MSA S-Cap Air offers a duration of 15 minutes for a safe escape.

Designed for use on board of ships, in chemical industries, off-shore oil rigs, refineries, water utilities and confined spaces, the S-Cap Air is light and compact and very easy to use. Carried by the user or kept in readiness close to the workplace for immediate access in case of emergency.

Furthermore, the S-Cap Air, supplied in a fluorescent protective carrying bag ensuring high visibility and protection from the environment. It consists of a 3 litre 200 bar compressed air cylinder with automatic air supply valve and pressure indicator. Addionally a high visibility hood with oro-nasal face mask. Also a large visor and elastic neck seal. As well as a visible pneumatic end-of-service time indicator turning red before the cylinder pressure has expired.

For easy use and to keep potential users acquainted with the S-Cap Air, the protective carrying bag has clear donning instructions in 4 pictographs. The use is very simple, pull the firing strap, don the hood and make your way to safety. Pulling the firing strap opens the zipper giving access to the hood, automatically starting the air supply, in one simple action the set is already delivering breathing air to the hood when donned. S-Cap Air, the Emergency Escape Breathing Device, certified to EN 1146 for a duration of up to 15 minutes. Thus, It meets the International Maritime Organisation [IMO] SOLAS resolution MSC. 99C [73] making EEBD’s mandatory on all vessels.

Additional Information
  • 15-minute air supply for toxic and oxygen-deficient environments
  • Fast, automatic activation
  • Lightweight and compact
  • High-visibility outer bag and hood for added safety
  • Integrated oro-nasal mask and nose seal for a tight yet comfortable fit
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