Wolf LX-400 Accessories

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Wolf’s extensive range of positioning, mounting and protection accessories, encompassing fixing kits, films and cable management, for the LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire (LX-400) give workers more secure temporary installation solutions for temporary lighting in hazardous area working environments.

Wolf’s LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire plastic brackets, with snap shut mechanism and screw to lock securely closed around a luminaire, form a key component of all Wolf’s fixing kits giving flexible and sturdy mounting and positioning options for temporary applications. Securely mount or hang a luminaire almost anywhere and in any orientation – putting the luminaire exactly where it is needed.

Fixing Kits

  • Bracket Kit – With brackets and screws fix directly to flat walls.
  • Magnet Bracket Kit – With magnet pads grip to flat ferrous metal surfaces.
  • Scaffold Bracket Kit – With stainless steel pipe clamps with rubber linings fit to standard poles 47 to 51 mm diameter.
  • Unistrut Bracket Kit – With Unistrut nuts attach to standard channel systems.
  • Eye Bolt / Dual Eye Bracket Kit – With eye bolts suspend with carabiners and S hooks from existing infrastructure.
  • Tripod Bracket Kit – With fixing bar attach horizontally or vertically to tripod stand.
  • Hanging Straps – With straps hang from existing infrastructure.

Note: Each kit contains the brackets to mount one LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire or two lights where Dual specified.

Additional Information
Product ReferenceProduct DescriptionNotes
LX-690Bracket KitTo mount one LX-400
LX-680Magnet Bracket KitTo mount one LX-400
LX-671Eye Bolt Bracket KitTo mount one LX-400
LX-672Dual Eye Bracket KitTo mount two LX-400s side-by-side
LX-678Scaffold Bracket KitTo mount one LX-400
LX-670Tripod Bracket KitTo mount one LX-400 on a Tripod Stand
LX-679Unistrut Bracket KitTo mount one LX-400
LX-654Hanging Straps2 straps per pack
LX-674S Hook2 per pack – Length 150mm / Throat 55mm
LX-675Carabiner2 per pack – Length 120mm / Gate 17mm
LX-545/3Protective Film3 per pack
LX-374Internal Diffuser Film1 per pack
LX-692Magnet Cable Tidy1 per pack
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