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PS200 Product Focus of the Month

We introduce you to the PS200!



The PS200 is a state-of-the-art 4 Gas Leak Detection Monitor, developed and manufactured by GMI Ltd.

Detecting and displaying up to four gases simultaneously, PS200 is suitable for multiple applications in a range of industries. The PS200 comes with a 2-year Oxygen sensor, with the option of three, four and five year warranties. Able to withstand up to a three metre drop (even without the protective casing) this monitor is rated to IP67 and also comes equipped with filters inside the sensors which allow for an extended working life – making it the perfect companion for entry into hazardous areas and confined spaces.

The PS200 has…

• An optional Man Down Alarm so you can know when employees may be in trouble
• Data Logging as standard – session logs from on-to-off and records every measurement, including when monitor alarms
• The option to log measurements whenever the user chooses to
• Audible, visual and vibrating alarms (green when safe, red when in alarm)
• Low Power – LEL extended battery
• Service due feature in which you set the date of service and it can give you the next calibration date. Unlike other monitors, you can continue to use this monitor even without calibration
• Marine Equipment Directive (MED) approval

Pumped or Non Pumped? You decide.

With most Gas Monitors you have to decide from the outset whether you want Pumped or Non Pumped with your monitor (usually with a hefty price on top). BUT, with the PS200 you can choose whether you need Pumped or Non Pumped with a simple press of a button.

Single User mode.

The single user mode is issued to one person and allows the user record their individual data from when they turn the monitor on. The extra benefit of this is that if the user breaks for lunch and switches of their monitor, when they turn it back on the PS200 will continue to record data from where it left off.

What do you get when you buy this monitor?

Together with your monitor, you will receive a CD with User Instructions to introduce you to the device, as well as a simple Quick Operation Guide which you can carry with you at all times.

You can charge it anywhere!

With a USB and mains charger, you can take your monitor almost anywhere and know that you can keep it charged. With any standard vehicle connector, you can also charge your monitor, simply and easily whilst you travel. On average your monitor will take roughly two hours to charge to 80% and then a further two hours for full charge.

Rubber Cases.

We can supply your PS200 with a rubber case to protect against the general wear and tear of working in hazardous areas. With a selection of colours ranging from Blue to Orange, and Red and Grey, you can tailor your monitor to represent your company. See below for range of colours.


The PS200 is compatible with the Auto Bump and Calibration Station.

For more information on the PS200 and what it can offer you and your company, please call 0344 567 7423, email: or use the orange Contact Us tab on the left hand side of the page.

To view the PS200 product page, click here.

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