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PS200 Pumped unit from as little as £400

PS200 Pumped unit with 2 year warranty – just £400. Or PS200 Pumped unit with 3 year warranty – only £450.

We’re kicking off the new year with more lowered prices. On the back of the popularity of the non-pumped PS200, we’ve cut the prices on the PS200 Pumped option with 2 and 3 year warranties as well!

For just £400 you can purchase the Pumped unit with a 2 year warranty, or for an extra £50 you can get your monitor with a 3 year warranty.

What is the pumped unit?

Unlike other monitors, with the PS200 Pumped monitor you can switch between Pumped and Non-Pumped with a simple press of a button. This provides the user with ultimate flexibility for use between multiple environments.

For more information on the PS200 – click here. To discuss this monitor in more detail call 0344 567 7423.

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