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Scott Safety Launch Duraflow Powered Air Respirator

The DURAFLOW PAPR is a unique sleek and ergonomic Powered Air Respirator, manufactured by Scott Safety.

Duraflow features a durable body to withstand gruelling environments, whilst a high IP rating – 67 – means that the unit can be submerged in water for cleaning purposes. A range of design features including: real-time air flow control; audible/visual alarms; 2 battery options and LED operation displays make the Duraflow PAPR the only Powered Air Respirator you should have in your Equipment Cabinet.

Duraflow PAPR Image


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Key Features

• Active Flow Control
• Comfortable to Wear for Long Periods of Time
• IP 67 Ingress Protection
• Removable Battery
• Easily Serviceable
• Ultra-Lightweight

Comfortable to wear for a long period of time

One of the best features of the DURAFLOW is the long term comfort that it provides its users. The lightweight, low profile ergonomic design provides unrivalled comfort even when users undertake extended durations of hard work. The Powered Respirator is positioned to sit on the lower back, to allow for further ease of movement and to prevent it getting in the way of the user.

Compatible with multiple HeadTops and Filters

There are multiple HeadTops and Filters which are approved with the Duraflow. HeadTops included are the FH1, the FH2, the FH21, the FH22 and the FH31.

The Filters included are the PF10 P3 R, the CF22 A2-P3 PSL R, the CF32 A2B2E2K2-P3 PSL R and the CF32 A2B2E2K2 Hg P3 R.

The beauty of having so many options is that it doesn’t restrict the user to just one environment. You can quickly and easily interchange the Filters and HeadTops, meaning the downtown in work is significantly decreased.


To make your purchase as simple as possible, together with Scott we can offer FIVE Readypak configurations.

The “paks” include a variation on the following; the Duraflow Powered Air unit, a Scott Safety HeadTop, a standard duration Battery, a standard Belt, a Charger, 2x PF Filters and either a PU fixed-length Hose or EPDM rubber Hose.

Starter Pack

Alternatively, there are also Starter packs available to those customers who already own some of the above HeadTop or Filters. A Starter pack includes: The Duraflow Powered Air Unit, a standard duration Battery, a standard Belt and finally a Charger.

We offer a full demonstration on the Duraflow and as well as full support after purchase.

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