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Semmco Head Escape Breathing Apparatus now Available from Total Protection

Semmco Head Escape Breathing Apparatus now Available from Total Protection UK.

Semmco’s Life Protection Systems HEAD range has been created to protect individuals in hazardous working environments; including ammonia, oxygen deficiency and smoke. The revolutionary design of the HEAD products provide a safe and constant supply of oxygen so that the wearer can breathe in a contaminated or potentially dangerous atmosphere whilst not carrying a bulky compressed air tank. The range includes 10 minute, 15 minute and 30 minute escape sets, a 15 minute working/rescue set and a 15 minute RPE/CSRE set. HEAD products are provided in a bandolier/carry case that can be discarded when the set has been used.

The warning alarm, situated on the front port of the HEAD apparatus and it is a safety precaution. Additionally, a three stage audible alarm and informs the user on the duration they have remaining on their HEAD apparatus. The alarm will also start automatically once pulled from its container. When the user breathes in, the oxygen is drawn from the breathing bag and then into the users mouth.

The chlorate candle emits five litres of oxygen into the breathing bag automatically once pulled from its container. This will provide the user with an initial supply of oxygen if required when first donned. Furthermore, we use a KO2 (potassium superoxide) generator to generate oxygen. Additionally these are situated on either side of the apparatus for balanced weight distribution.

If you would like to find out more about the Semmco range of Escape sets then please click here or contact us for more details and speak with a specialist.

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