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September Newsletter

Welcome to the September Newsletter from Total Protection (UK) Limited, the best way to stay informed about the latest news from a market leader in the supply of safety services.

Scott Safety Launch the Duraflow PAPR, the Light Decontamination System and the FLITE COV.

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As a leading distributor of Scott Safety products, we are pleased to announce the launch of THREE new, innovative safety solutions.

Duraflow PAPR – The Duraflow is the latest in Powered Air technology. Fully customisable, the Duraflow utilises the Pro200 filter platform and FH Headtop range. [Read More]

Light Decontamination System – Ideal for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear decontamination operations. It is designed to allow emergency personnel to work efficiently in both confined and remote environments. [Read More]

FLITE COV – A Positive Pressure Supplied Air Respirator that provides emergency respiratory protection and escape capability allowing the user to enter hazardous atmospheres – including those identified as immediately dangerous to life or health. [Read More]

We can do On-site servicing

We’ve recently invested heavily in our service department and now boast a fleet of FIVE vans which are available to use as servicing ports. We are able to visit your site and service Gas Monitors, Breathing Apparatus, Confined Space Equipment and Working at Height Equipment.

On-site servicing can save you time and money, whilst also giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your equipment is and whether it is being worked on. It also allows you to know that you will receive your equipment back on the same day, ready to use the next. [Read More]

Industry News

RidgeGear launch their new Big Guy range

The Big Guy range incorporates both Harnesses and Lanyards and is targeted towards individuals who are “Big Guys.” The Harnesses and Lanyards have been specifically tested and approved for a user weight up to 150kg (23.6 stone).

Crowcon discover issue with T4

Following a recent issue with the T4, Crowcon have discovered that the sensitivity of the Flammable sensor used in the T4 exceeds the manufacturer’s sensor drift specification. This may result in Alarm 1 and 2 being triggered later at higher concentrations of flammable gas. They are advising that users of the T4 perform a functional check every day.

Honeywell announce end of lire on QRAE II

After evaluation, Honeywell have decided to discontinue the QRAE II series of personal gas monitors and related accessories, effective 31st December 2016. Alternative monitors include: the GMI PS200 4-gas monitor or the Microclip series.

Company News

As you’re probably aware by now, last month we celebrated our 12th Birthday (if you didn’t, then someone wasn’t doing their job properly!). We are proud as a company to celebrate this milestone and we look forward to continuing working with all our customers in the future.


We’d like to say congratulations to Jill Whyte, who last month celebrated EIGHT years with Total Protection (UK). Throughout her time with Total Protection (UK) Jill as shown an ability to generate great rapport with her customers. Jill is well known amongst her customers for her determination to deliver the best service possible, every time you deal with her.

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