Introducing the new ShutLbox from Total Protection

Welcome to the new ShutLbox Solution from Total Protection UK.

ShutLbox, a 2-way transport system for solving the issue with transporting large amounts of equipment that is big and bulky. It is a pallet transportable, code-lockable, weatherproof, secure container for transporting heavy, bulky to handle and semi-valuable goods and equipment.

Concepts in usage.

Primarily we have used the ShutLbox to provide confined space training equipment to remote locations. This works by us loading the container with the equipment and training course details. Then collected by an overnight pallet service. These collect the ShutLbox with a pallet truck and tail-lift on their vehicle. Following delivery to the training site it’s left near to the confined space training unit and awaits the trainer to arrive. Issued with the code number the trainer can unlock the ShutLbox and retrieve the equipment to do the training. After the trainer has completed the training he simply repacks the ShutLbox ready for collection.

Potential Opportunities:

Furthermore, we have used the ShutLbox for clients who have a significant amount of their own equipment that requires servicing.  Rather than the expense of sending a man (or woman) with a van to collect, or the potential for missing or damaged consignments from courier services, we simply deploy the ShutLebox to your location for you to fill with your equipment, fill in the inventory sheet and we arrange collection.

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