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What is the Total Linear Light Solution?

Total Linear Light Image

“Your Bespoke ATEX lighting solution.”

The Total Linear Light Solution provides full flexibility for customers. The user has the option to tailor almost all aspects of the Light, including the ATEX Plugs, Glands and Sockets, as well as the length of the cable used as well.

Before purchase, you specify your needs to us and we’ll endeavour to meet any requirements you have.

The Linear works as both an individual light or as part of a collection due to the ability to Daisy Chain the lights together. This is beneficial when working in long tunnels, where a continuous light source is required.

The Total Linear Light Solution is ATEX and IEC Ex approved for Zones 1&2 and rated to T4, T5 and T6 environments. This makes it perfect for use in potentially hazardous environments such as Tunnels and Confined Spaces.

The Linear utilises high performance, reliable, White Light illumination with a Lumen output of up to 2,500lm. It also uses CoolExtrude™ thermal management technology. This ensures a much cooler LED operating temperature and up to 60% better heat dissipation compared to traditional lighting solutions.

Mounting Options

The added benefit of this model is the multiple mounting option available to customers. You can either choose to mount the Linear onto the retrofitted ATEX Frame or mount using magnets for a more permanent solution.

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