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Tyco Gas & Flame Launch the MX 32

The MX 32 by Tyco Gas and Flame is now available to purchase.



The new MX 32 Gas Detection controller is an analogue and digital controller that continuously measures and controls gases in the atmosphere. Rather than making changes to the already proven high performing and reliable controller incorporated in the MX 43, the MX 32 uses the same platform. The MX 32 is designed to meet SIL1 requirements.

The new controller manages both digital lines and analogue channels and covers all needs for a wide variety of gas monitoring applications. Also, up to eight detectors can be distributed on two lines, due to the digital technology it uses. As a result of this, you increase savings on your equipment.

The MX 32 is suitable to be installed in a multitude of environments, including; Boiler Rooms, Automotive Plants, Waste Water Treatment sites, as well as Petrochemical and Food Industries. To see the full list of environments the MX 32 is suitable, please view our Product page here.

Finally, the unit allows two inputs for Wheatstone bridge sensors.

MX 32

Features and Benefits of the MX 32

• One or two channels, up to four or eight detectors
• Manages both digital lines and analogue channels and covers all needs for a wide variety of applications
• Manages Wheatstone bridge sensor inputs without the need of additional module
• Five programmable events per detector (one to three alarms, underscale, overscale) and fault event
• Two extra MOSFET outputs for driving the audible and visual alarms
• Front panel LEDs allow for a quick and basic overview of the installation and on-board alarm buzzer
• Easy to read large graphic and multi-language LCD back-lit display
• Up to eight detectors to be distributed on two lines allowing for increased savings
• Smart keys make embedded menus easy to use

To view the MX 32 Product Page, please click here.

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