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What is the BW XL Gas Monitor?

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The BW GasAlertMicroclip XL is probably the most recognisable gas monitor on the market today. Measuring up to four gases simultaneously, the BW XL is your safety companion. As this monitor incorporates a one-button operation, there is no expertise needed to use the BW XL.

The BW XL is suitable for multiple environments, including Chemical Plants and Waste Water Treatment Plants.

The only IP68 rated Gas Monitor on the market

The BW XL is the only gas monitor rated to IP68 on the market today, meaning it can be submerged into water at a depth of 1.2 metres, for up to 45 minutes, without affecting the performance of the monitor.

With a typical battery life of up to 18-hours, the BW XL guarantees runtime for a full 12-hour shift. Additionally, charging takes less than 6 hours, meaning your monitor is at full capacity and ready for your next shift!


The BW XL is fully equipped with Visual, Vibrating and Audible alarms. It also has an IntelliFlash™ light which indicates that the detector has been bump tested and is monitoring correctly.

On start-up, the BW XL performs a self-test of sensors, battery status, circuit integrity and audible & visual alarms. Consequently this gives the user reassurance that their monitor is working correctly.

Microdock II and Fleet Manager II

The BW XL is compatible with both the Microdock II and Fleet Manager II. The Microdock II docking station allows for automated bump tests and calibration. Similar to the XL, the Microdock II is simple to use and ensures that your gas monitor is working correctly.

Additionally, the Fleet Manager II software is used for the reporting and fleet management of your gas monitors. Fleet Manager II allows you to retain all bump test and calibration results, as well as when your gas monitor goes into alarm and why.

Don’t forget your FREE Carry Case with every BW XL you purchase

BW XL Carry Case image

You receive a FREE carry case with each XL you purchase, with this offer. The Carry Case is lightweight and allows you to carry your gas monitor, charger and also user information all in one place.

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