Why purchasing Health & Safety equipment shouldn’t always come down to Price


In post Brexit Britain, getting things for as cheap as possible is often seen as the only consideration when it comes to purchasing. We’re all the same – I know I am. But sometimes taking a back seat and reviewing the full package of what is on offer, can be very beneficial to your overall happiness with your product.

For example, a well-publicised football game comes out today and there’s about 100 different prices on offer to buy it. Now ultimately, no matter where you purchase from, you are getting exactly the same product that will allow you to do exactly the same thing – in this case play football on a gaming console. With every company they offer different benefits to the customer. So the decision that has to be made is whether to buy the game in its simplest form or to buy it with all the added benefits, for a more expensive price.

Wait, what does a football game have in common with Health & Safety equipment?

Believe it or not, the topic for this blog post is actually quite similar to the situation I have discussed above. With so many suppliers of Health & Safety equipment on the market today, the competition to supply the cheapest products has increased substantially over the past five years. BUT price shouldn’t be the only reason to purchase!

As such, I’ve put forward FIVE reason as to why your purchase of Health & Safety Equipment shouldn’t always come down to price.

1. Value to the Customer

You will often find that although your purchase is cheaper on the day, the overall value may be lower than that of the more expensive option. Purchasing from a recognised Health & Safety supplier can provide you with both long term support and the assurance that your equipment will meet the requirements you need it to.

2. Trust in your Purchase

Trust is such an important element to any purchase. As a customer having trust in who you’re buying from is imperative to securing a long term purchasing relationship. You want to know that you will receive your goods when you need them and in the condition you expect. When a supplier meets these expectations you begin to build trust in the process and the company.

To add to this, when faced with the decision of buying one piece of equipment from a recognised manufacturer, compared to its cheaper counterpart, more often than not you will have greater faith in the recognisable option.

3. Security

Post purchase security is something we all want, but not something we necessarily think we need. Of course with any purchase you hope that it is successful and without complications. But unfortunately this isn’t always the case. When buying from an unrecognised supplier, you cannot always guarantee this security after purchase.

4. Commitment from the Supplier

Commitment comes in all walks of life. Whether it’s a commitment to another person, a commitment to lose weight or a commitment to watch the film “The Commitments.”* Of course in this scenario, the commitment should come from the supplier to provide all customers the service they deserve. All suppliers, no matter the size of the organisation should strive to go above and beyond to provide their customers with everything they need to make their purchase as simple and as stress free as possible.

5. Relationship

Ultimately, all of the above fall into the relationship you have with the company you purchase from. The relationship begins from the moment you make the initial contact. The goal should be to make the customers experience as smooth as possible, whether that’s searching through a website for the information or calling a company and talking directly to a member of their team. Each and every time you undertake this process, the relationship should grow stronger.

*Please Note: At the time of writing, I have not seen “The Commitments.”

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