Why we love the Light Decontamination System

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Well, well, well it’s blog time again. To end the first week in November, we thought we’d highlight why it is we love the Light Decontamination System (LDS). The LDS is a new product by Scott Safety and combines both a modern and sleek design, with the latest technology, to provide the only decontamination system you’ll ever need to use.

It’s Revolutionary

Launched in the Summer this year, the Light Decontamination System could change the face of decontamination across the world. The LDS utilises unique atomisation technology which is powered by air and incorporates the makings of a jet engine. Using a combination of chemicals and air, the LDS is the most effective way of decontaminating any area.

When the LDS is deployed, due to the 300-bar cylinder used, the mixture of chemicals and air rapidly fills the space, whilst the turbulence created projects the vapour in a superfine mist across a wide area, suspending the droplets in the air to ensure a consistent and even coverage.

User flexibility – you’re not restricted to just ONE environment!

A feature we are most impressed about with the LDS is the ability to use multiple chemicals with the equipment. The LDS offers diverse decontaminate capability, meaning the user isn’t just restricted to one chemical or area in which they can use the device. Importantly, the gas and chemical can be refilled on the job, so the operator doesn’t have to worry about returning to base to refill the canisters.

With anything you purchase, the more use you can get out of it the better – and that is the case with the LDS. Due to the unique makeup of the Light Decontamination System, it is suitable for multiple environments. With the ability to change the decontaminate with ease, the LDS can be used for environments such as Hospitals through to Poultry Farms. Now of course the likelihood of needing it for both environments at the same time is low. BUT you may have multiple environments in the same building which require a different decontaminate each time – this is where the LDS sets itself apart from other systems.

Simple Operation and Accurate Direction

Ease of use is vital in the development of modern Health and Safety equipment and the LDS is no different. Owing to the 300-bar cylinder, the LDS can reach distances of up to 30 metres. This is important because it means that you don’t necessarily have to get close to the area you need to decontaminate.

Vitally, the LDS is also able to cover both line of sight and no-line of sight areas, ensuring that full decontamination takes place.

An element that really stands out on the LDS is the amount of time and money you can save by using it. The frustration which comes with any cleaning or decontamination that takes place within the industry, is the shut down time it involves. With the LDS, you can guarantee a reduction in the time this takes, thus saving you both time and importantly money!

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It’s Damage Free

A really useful feature of the LDS is that it doesn’t damage electrical equipment, such as plugs, wires and cables. Although a simple feature, this can save a lot of unnecessary time and hassle because you don’t need to worry about covering up electrical equipment, that would ordinarily become damaged.

That’s why we love it! Now tell us what you think.

Why not find out more about the Light Decontamination System? Check out the product video by clicking here.

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