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Fixed Gas Systems

If your premises require continuous monitoring of the atmosphere during working and before entering a specific location, then a fixed gas system could be the solution for you. Each new system is custom designed for your specific situation and application and we work closely with the manufacturer, often doing joint visits to ensure the system is precise, exact and is the correct for your detection requirements.

Oldham’s fixed gas detectors are always application-driven and solution-oriented. Whether for a single application or multiple sites and areas, their durable gas monitoring solutions meet your unique industrial needs. We offer a broad range of gas detectors and controllers to satisfy most international certification standards such as ATEX, SIL (Safety Integrity Level), CSA, Marine, IECEx and others.  Find the controllers, transmitters and accessories you need to effectively protect your people and your environment from hazardous gases.

If you have an existing system in place and are looking for a trusted and reliable service partner, then please contact us to discuss further as our engineers can service and maintain various systems from different manufacturers.

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